Grow Food Locally and Individually NOW — However it is explained, the consensus is that the problem is real.

Below are are variety of viewpoints which are not agreed upon. But they agree the imminent crisis is real.

Look at these sources. Do your own research. Now is the time for personal and community action to prevent potential food shortages in the very near future.

America’s Food Insecurity

Disastrous Year For Food Production
* Alarming number of disasters at food plants.
* Various food processing plants in the U.S. have burned down in the past 6 months.
* These disasters could not come at a worse time.
* Supposedly there’s a new avian virus — and tens of millions of chickens/turkeys have been destroyed because of a bird flu epidemic.
* China has been buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland.
* What is the overall effect of this?
* Farmer: across-the-board attack on farming.

View or Download PDF with details and suggested solutions:

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