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 Grow Food Locally and Individually NOW — However it is explained, the consensus is that the problem is real.

Disastrous Year For Food Production: 

*International sanctions are disrupting food exports and supply lines

*Climate concerns are reducing agricultural output in some countries
* China has been buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of U.S. farmland.
* What is the overall effect of this?
* Inflation, fuel prices, and fertilizer costs are hitting farmers hard.

*Fuel costs impact transportation supply lines and increase costs

*Political posturing can affect the economy and food supply for good or for ill

*Strategic reserves have already been lowered in an attempt to lessen the impact of all these factors

*Drought is limiting irrigation in major food productions states such as California
* Alarming number of disasters at food processing plants.
* Many food processing plants in the U.S. have burned down in the past 6 months.
* These disasters could not come at a worse time.
* A new avian virus is cited as the reason for tens of millions of chickens/turkeys being destroyed because of a bird flu epidemic.

This introduction to the a collection of exploratory links, Grow Food, is at and any future updates can be found here.

Many of these links were found just by searching “food shortages” in a browser. Do your own searches and satisfy yourself about what actions may need to be taken.

Since the coming shortages and cost increases appear to be significant, now is the time for personal and local community action to head off potential food shortages in the near future.

How can each person or family best individually prepare while preparations can still be made? How can communities work with local farmers, food suppliers, transportation, grocery stores, community groups, churches, charities, and local governments in cooperative efforts to insure food sufficiency?

 How can individuals produce some of their own food out of season or without a garden?

Whether it is a “perfect storm” of unfortunate coincidences, wise or unwise political decisions, supply chain disruption remaining from Covid measures, greed, negative consequences due to international geopolitics, planned attempts to reset the world economy, or a combination of these or other factors — it seems the problem is real and we need to do what we can locally. About 40% of domestic food production was grown in family “victory gardens” in wartime.

If only for the bottom line of our food budget, whatever can be done should be done. Panic buying is not a solution, but wise choices of what is purchased and the ability to grow at least some of your own food may prove to be very important.

Click below to read or download the full document — Grow Food — with multiple clickable links, different points of view, and multiple suggestions to prompt your thinking about providing food for your table.

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