COVIDeo Digest

“The first one to plead his cause seems right,

Until his neighbor comes and examines him.”

 Proverbs 18:17 (New King James Version)

Grow Food Locally and Individually — Many Explanations for the Crisis, But One Imperative

Below are are variety of viewpoints which are not agreed upon. But they agree the imminent crisis is real.

Look at these sources. Do your own research. Now is the time for personal and community action to prevent potential food shortages in the very near future.

America’s Food Insecurity

Disastrous Year For Food Production
* Alarming number of disasters at food plants.
* Various food processing plants in the U.S. have burned down in the past 6 months.
* These disasters could not come at a worse time.
* Supposedly there’s a new avian virus — and tens of millions of chickens/turkeys have been destroyed because of a bird flu epidemic.
* China has been buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland.
* What is the overall effect of this?
* Farmer: across-the-board attack on farming.

View or Download PDF with 4 pages of details and suggested solutions:

CLICK HERE –> Grow Food Locally and Individually


02-10-2022 Follow the Money that Massively Incentivizes Schools and Hospitals to Follow Top-Down Policies. Learn How to Effectively Change the Situation. See These Links:

This is a selection from
Hear what Healthcare Policy Analyst Expert, A.J. DePriest uncovered when looking at the contingencies in the fine print placed on School Districts and medical systems payouts from Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’. This is IMPERATIVE information for parents trying to influence school boards and free local hospitals from imposed protocols! Alternate link:
TennesseeLibertyGroup Page 33 of NIH Protocol A single mother employed this strategy and it worked big time. Every public official has a surety bond. This mother got a hold of the bond and filed a claim against the the superintendent of the school. Because she listed all of the illegal activities in the claim they couldn’t fight back against it. All state and federal funding stopped until the claim was resolved. In her claim she listed all the laws being broken by pushing their restrictions and because of this the school had to lift the mandates and she effectively freed her school district. This might be a game changer. Bond letter request here: Source: **Actual Detailed Interview of an Illinois Mother’s Success Story:

ESSA Funding Captures School Districts
Schools are masking our children because they are being paid to do so! This parent followed the $$. Informed parent has done her research and puts the school board (in Vandalia, Illinois) on notice. The video may be blocked on YouTube until you watch in unrestricted mode.

End of Follow the Money Section


05-03-2021 Here is the download of the the VR COVID Selections — Notes.

08-31-2021 Here is the download of Links from 8-31-2021 meeting.

10-10-2021 Here is the latest download of New Covid Discoveries Discredit the Consensus


COVIDeo Digest Section

In the interest of hearing other viewpoints, COVIDeo Digest is a “Readers Digest” in video form about the SARS-COV-2 virus and its potential infection, Covid-19. It is a collection of excerpts from nine important videos on the virus. In just under two hours you will see some important background information and then see other important selections. You will conclude with the question of reopening schools. The two hours is a fraction of the time necessary to watch all the videos in their entirety, but will give you a coherent overall view of the pandemic and a proper response to it. You may well want to watch some of the selections in their entirety once you have an overall perspective. The original sources are listed in each selection. A list of further resources completes COVIDeo Digest.

Key to the value of this video digest is the opening selection where you watch “over the shoulders” of Dr. Fauci (and other leaders of the NIH, CDC, HHS, and FDA) a presentation that was given to them at the National Institutes of Health in 2018. During the presentation questions are asked of these Public Health leaders. You will be better able to evaluate the advice they give to our nation as you hear their responses to important questions and compare your own response to the same questions as you go through the presentation.

To watch COVIDeo Digest  and othersGo to    

and search for the video you want to watch. Or, here is the direct link to COVIDeo Digest.

Each of the entire videos from which COVIDeo Digest was compiled, as well as other important videos, will eventually be posted there in case you should have any problem trying to watch them in their original location. I suggest trying the original location first to give the original authors the viewership due their efforts.

In about an hour you can also watch The CORRECT Response to Covid-19: Dolores Cahill PhD, Molecular Biologist/Immunologist for an interview with an eminently qualified scientist who worked, among many other things at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. She has experience in level 3 and 4 viral labs and has developed a safe and effective vaccine without harmful adjuvants. If only we would have had this kind of advice from the start. . .

If you want a great introduction in less than ten minutes, watch the video from Dr. Brian Procter from McKinney, Texas. For a comprehensive and very convincing discussion of masks, watch the video about Two PPE Protection and Testing Professionals. They have 38 years of PPE training and testing experience in industry, medical situations, and the military. It’s worth the length of the presentation to hear so many aspects covered by well-qualified professionals. These ladies are well-versed on all the OSHA regulations on masks and respirators.

Added 09-25-2020: Since YouTube is even censoring former U.S. Representative and three-time presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, we need an alternative that doesn’t censor alternative views. is such a platform. Although it might be called “the wild west” of video platforms, since most anything goes (not porn), you need to exercise discernment and verify claims being made. But there is a wealth of highly credible information that mainstream platforms censor because it does not follow the establishment narrative. I’d suggest spending some time there to see what you are missing on the censored platforms. If you want a platform to post videos that won’t be censored for political (or other types of) correctness, you can start one for free. If you already have a YouTube account and want an alternative and backup, consider I have a channel which I created because YouTube and Facebook censored or suppressed too much. Here’s my channel:  An alternative for Twitter is  I think a nicer, free platform than Facebook is .  Of course you may have all your friends on Facebook, but as Facebook already told us, they are going to be tougher on what they allow starting Oct. 1,  and will be very picky about what is allowed before and after the election. You may want to get an alternative means of communicating going now and bring some friends with you even if you stay on Facebook where most everyone is. But remember, FB determines who sees what you post, and it is said that they shadow ban, which means you can what you posted, but many others can’t. I am on here if anyone wants to join me:
If you use Google as a search engine, their algorithms are not based purely on subject and popularity. If you want an unmanipulated search engine try DuckDukeGo to really find what’s out there. You won’t have to scroll through multitudes of pages to finally get to the exact terms you entered.
A free alternative to gmail is It works just as well but at least takes some of the clout away from the dominating tech platforms. Finally, for a great alternative news source that gives you news from all sides and from around the world, try . With that you can do your own fact-checking by looking at other sources yourself.
I hope this is helpful for getting past those who want ot spoon feed you only what they want you to know.  Rob Bjerk
PS I should also mention a new kid on the block,

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